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Important Covenant Documents

Rules and Regulations for Barefoot LakesAmended and Restated Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Barefoot LakesDistrict Enforcement Policy: Resolution Regarding Policies, Procedures, and Penalties for the Enforcement of the Governing Documents
Complaint Process for Violations 
  • In an effort to foster a strong Community and neighbor to neighbor solutions, constructively addressing the violation first with the Owner prior to submitting a complaint is recommended. Complaints by Owners or residents:
    • Must be in writing and submitted to the District Manager, see below for a complaint submission check-list and contact information.
    • The complaining Owner or resident shall have observed the alleged violation and shall identify the Owner of the Unit on which the alleged violation exists, if known, and set forth a statement describing the alleged violation, when the violation was observed and any other pertinent information.
    • Upon receipt of a written complaint alleging a violation of the Governing Documents, if additional information is necessary, the District Representative may conduct an investigation to determine whether a violation of the Governing Documents has occurred.
  • Complaints by a member of the Board, a committee member, or the District Manager:
    • May be made in writing or by any other means deemed appropriate by the Board.
    • The District Manager conducts bi-weekly covenant inspections.
  • All policies and Procedures for covenant and rule enforcement can be found in the Policies, Procedures and Penalties for the Enforcement of Governing Documents in the Document Library.
Enforcement Process for Violations 

Upon determining that a “Repetitious Violation” (defined as a violation that occurs at a set point in time and does not require time to cure, such as the parking of a restricted vehicle or unreasonably loud activity in the Courtyards) the District Manager and Board shall take the following steps:

  • The District will send an Advisory Letter to the Owner notifying the Owner of the restriction violated and the nature of the Repetitious Violations, and that subsequent violations of the same restriction with 90 days of the date of the Advisory Letter may result in fines being assessed.
  • If an Owner subsequently violates the same covenant within 90 days of the date of the Advisory Letter, each such instance shall constitute a separate Repetitious Violation for which fines may be imposed pursuant to the fine schedule below.
    • Upon the occurrence of the first subsequent Repetitious Violation within 90 days of the date of the Advisory Letter, the District shall send the Owner a notice advising the Owner of the Repetitious Violation, that fines may be imposed, and that the Owner is entitled to a hearing on the merit of the matter provided that such hearing is requested in writing by the Owner within 10 days of the date of the First Fine Notice.
  • All Policies and Procedures for Covenant and Rule Enforcement can be found online in the Policies, Procedures and Penalties for the Enforcement of Governing Documents in the Document Library.

Submitting a Complaint Check-List

Please make sure to answer the following questions when submitting a complaint to the District Management Team:

  • Have you addressed the violation with the Owners prior to submitting a complaint?
  • What is the Owner’s on which the alleged violation exists first and last name?
  • What conduct by the Owner do you feel is a violation?
  • When did the alleged violation occur?
  • Submit your complaint and answers to the above questions on our Contact Us page.