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Lake Use

Two people kayaking on a calm lake with trees and sky in the background.

Lake Use Policy

Lake Use Policy

Permitted Recreational Use of the Lake.  

The District has been informed that a satisfactory water quality baseline standard has been established in the Lakes.  Based on this information, the District has determined to permit certain recreational uses of the Lake.  Uses of the Lake not specifically permitted herein are prohibited.  Any User wishing to use the Lake must complete and file an Individual and Parent/Legal Guardian Waiver of Liability and Release Form with the District’s Manager prior to use of the Lakes.

To view the adopted Lake Use Policy – Rules & Regulations click here


The East Lake is open to the public from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset each day from May 1st to October 31st. West Lake is closed to all watercraft.

*No Swimming Permitted in the Lakes by Humans or Pets.*

Use of Non-motorized Watercraft

Personal Non-motorized Watercraft.

No personal watercraft shall be permitted on the surface of any Lake without first obtaining a Registration Sticker. Users may obtain a Registration Sticker from the Cove during regular operating hours. Users must have a signed Individual and Parent/Legal Guardian Waiver of Liability and Release Form on file in order to obtain a Registration Sticker. The Registration Sticker must be affixed on the starboard side above the waterline on each registered watercraft. Those using a personal watercraft on a Lake without a Registration Sticker may be asked to leave by a District Representative and may be subject to a penalty. Use of personal watercraft on the West Lake is prohibited.

Registration Fees:

Resident: $10, per watercraft per year

Non-Resident: $50, per watercraft per year

Personal Watercraft Launch Location. 

Registered Watercraft shall be launched from the Dock. Trailered Watercraft shall be launched only from beside the Dock. Motorized vehicles and trailers must remain in authorized areas. Users may not beach watercraft, other than paddleboards, anywhere other than at the Dock area.

Paddle Board & Kayak Rentals. 

The District has contracted with a third party vendor (the “Lake Rental Vendor”) to provide rental kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for recreational use on the Lake. 

Barefoot Lakes Kayak & SUP Experiences Open May 29th, 2021. To learn more or schedule your reservation visit CO SUP Sports website at

Fishing & Dock Use


A Colorado Fishing License is required to fish at the Lakes.
Fishing is permitted from Registered Watercraft and at designated fishing areas at the Lakes. Fishing at other locations is prohibited. All Users must abide by the District’s posted restrictions and limitations, including but not limited to restrictions on the number of fish that may be kept

Aerial map highlighting fishing access points and submerged rock structures along a shoreline.
Fishing Access Map

Dock Use.

Users may only access the Dock during seasonal operating hours posted onsite. Fishing off of the Dock is prohibited, unless permitted during a District-sponsored event.

2022 Annual Lake Management Report – Click Here2022 Water Quality Monitoring Report – Click Here2021 Annual Lake Management Report – Click Here

Toxic Algae and Bacteria

Toxic algae blooms and bacteria have been detected in the Lakes previously and may reoccur at any time. Toxic algae and bacteria pose a serious and potentially fatal health risk to humans and animals. Algae blooms look like green paint on or in the water and may smell swampy or like fresh cut grass. Watercraft shall no be permitted on the Lakes if toxic algae and/or bacteria is detected. Users who observe potential toxic algae blooms should immediately remove themselves and watercraft from the Lakes, notify the District Management, and disinfect exposed watercraft.

To report Toxic Algae and Bacteria please contact us.

Barefoot Lakes – Lake Depth & Elevation Map