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Operations & Maintenance

Project Updates

A satellite view of a neighborhood with streets named after rivers and a body of water labeled "Barefoot Lakes."
Map of impacted areas

Brookfield Residential, the developer of Barefoot Lakes, redeveloped the Special Use Area (former Anadarko oil well site) within Filing 1 and construction activities have impacted the district’s irrigation mainline which serves Waterside Park and district landscape tracts south of the SUA to Colorado River Drive . Impacted areas have been identified on the attached map. Turf and tree replacement occurred in 2022 by the Developer.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule: All routine contracted services are on schedule noted above.

Irrigation Checks (bi-weekly)XX
Spring/Summer Trash ServicesX
Winter Inspections & Trash ServiceXX

 Weekly Schedule & Project Updates

Weekly Schedule: All routine contracted services are on schedule noted above.

Operations & Maintenance FAQs


Operations and Maintenance 2024 Plan

The full Operations and Maintenance overview, set by the Board of Directors, can be found here. Below you’ll find a list of highlighted anticipated service dates (subject to change).

Operations and Management Plan Highlighted ServicesAnticipated Completion Date
Pressure Test Irrigation System3/31/2024
Playground Inspections/Repairs3/31/2024
Clean Concrete Trails3/31/2024
Begin Mowing Natural Area Beauty Bands4/30/2024
Irrigation Activation4/30/2024
Bi-weekly Lake Water Quality Management Begins4/30/2024
Turf Aeration & Spring Fertilization4/30/2024
Spring Clean up4/30/2024
Annual Florals Installed Memorial Day
Open PoolMemorial Day Weekend
Sweep Alleys6/30/2024
Flower Beds & Manicured Landscape Weed Control6/30/2024
Right-of-way Mowing7/1/2024
Native Area Weed Control & Mowing7/31/2024
Native Weed Control & Mowing Ends9/30/2024
Flower Beds & Manicured Landscape Weed Control9/30/2024
Clean Concrete Trails & Sunset Pavilion9/30/2024
Close/Winterize Pool & Lake Dock9/30/2024
Bi-Weekly Lake Water Quality Management Ends9/30/2024
Annual Floral Removed10/31/2024
Irrigation Winterization10/31/2024
Reseed Natural Areas11/1/2024
Install Holiday Lighting/Decorations11/15/2024